The EverCrisp Apple

The EverCrisp apple has been developed by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association.  This apple has great flavor, crisp texture, and longer storage times than other contemporary apple varieties.  The EverCrisp trademark is the trademark assigned to apples of the MAIA1 Variety that meet trademark specifications. MAIA1 Apples that meet these specifications will be sold under the EverCrisp Brand.

This variety was identified among many apples cultivated and tested specifically for the challenges faced by growers in the Midwest portions of the United States.

Primary Characteristics of the MAIA1 variety

  • Sweet flavor
  • Texture similar to Honeycrisp
  • Resembles Fuji in shape and appearance
  • Long storability
  • Greater apple density

Mitch Lynd, a grower from Ohio and one of MAIA’s co-founders, states that apples from the MAIA1 variety looks and tastes a lot like Fuji, but it’s a lot crispier. David Doud, owner of David Doud’s Countyline Orchard in Roann, Ind. Doud, a member of MAIA, currently grows about 50 varieties on 20 acres; his family has worked with hundreds of apples over the years, including heirlooms. none of them compete with MAIA1, he said.

The Midwest Apple Improvement Association is an organization of private breeders developing apples specifically for the climate and conditions of the Midwest. The EverCrisp apple is the first brand to be released from this research and development.

Consumers are excited about this release. Diane Miller, a tree fruit Extension specialist with Ohio State University, tested consumer reactions to the apple at Cleveland’s Fabulous Food Show in November 2010. Based on the data, apples from the MAIA1 variety rated higher than Fuji and Cameo and was equivalent to Honeycrisp and SweeTango, she said.

“We already knew EverCrisp was a fabulous apple,” Miller said. “This confirmed it.”