The EverCrisp apple has been developed by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association.  This apple has great flavor, crisp texture, and longer storage times than other contemporary apple varieties.  The EverCrisp Apple

The EverCrisp Apple is a new apple tree developed and released in 2012 by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association after more than a decade of careful cross-breeding.

This variety was cultivated and tested specifically for the climate and challenges faced by growers in the midwest portions of the United States.

In the spring of 1997, participating growers made their first crosses, with breeding parents chosen for their cropping reliability, disease resistance, and flavor/quality attributes. Breeding has continued each year since, and well over 50,000 seedlings have been distributed to members to grow, fruit, and evaluate.

In 2007 seedlings began fruiting and the first selections were identified for propagation and further evaluation. Tastings are held at the membership’s annual winter meetings.  At these meetings members have been privileged to listen to a ‘who’s who’ of fruit breeders from around the world. 

The variety is now available to other growers. If you are interested, please review and complete the member application and trademark agreements found on this website to order trees. Thank you!